BCM takes its inspiration from the winter sea, combining comfort and elegance for a sporty look with classical structures.
The BCM collection provides the perfect “everyday look” with classic jackets, sporty padded jackets and Merino, cashmere and cashmere-mix sweaters that can be worn with all BCM cotton or denim trousers.
The clothes were designed examining how men behave and what they wear.
The wearer can maintain style and comfort at every moment of the day.
The modern but wearable jackets are unconventional: whether cotton, fustian, jersey or wool-mix, they symbolise Simar’s high quality.
The polo shirts and sweatshirts have two looks: urban, sophisticated with classic stark shades, or sporty with elegant nautical motifs.
The collections offer a vast range of unique and highly detailed shirts. The trousers are soft in brightly coloured but resistant materials.
The scarves, essential elements in the modern man’s look, have striped or patterned designs. Leather belts and shoes give character to an ever-fashionable look.

Spring/Summer 2016 Collection
Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection
Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection